Organization for Youth Education & Development (OYED)

OYED Young Leaders´ Forums



OYED Young Leaders' Forums are international networks of like-minded individuals who share an interest in strengthening intercultural relations within a region or country, or between particular regions or countries. The first young leader's forum was developed in 2003 and aimed to improve relations between Canada and Germany. Over the last decade we have developed a broad range of forums focusing on diverse bi- and multi-lateral relationships within and between Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

The OYED has developed these Young Leaders´ Forums to bring together future leaders in politics, civil society, and the private sector, as well as other interested stakeholders. Each forum organizes regular Weeklong Seminars; academic and cultural programs that provide participants with an opportunity to network with one another, learn more about the region or relationship in focus, explore the increasing importance of cultural diplomacy, and discuss how they can organize their own activity to support the forum goals. Individuals join a Young Leaders´ Forum by taking part in one of these Weeklong Seminars.

List of Forums

The OYED runs the following Young Leaders Forums: