Organization for Youth Education & Development (OYED)

The Parliamentarians for the Youth 2014-24 Program

“A Common EU Youth Policy Proposal 2014-24”

EU Parliamentarians for the Youth 2014-24

'EU Parliamentarians for the Youth' is a program undertaken by the Organization for Youth Education & Development (OYED) and the Inter Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights and Global Peace (IPAHP). The 'EU Parliamentarians for the Youth' program aims to increase parliamentarian involvement in youth related issues as well as increasing youth involvement within Parliaments by bringing together young people and parliamentarians to work together to promote solutions to EU youth issues.

By working together, young people and parliamentarians can promote the interests of youth within the EU and serve as an example to then influence parliamentarians throughout the world and to inspire global youth to follow these examples in order to advance the situation of young people in their own countries. “EU Parliamentarians for the Youth' also recognizes that it is imperative to give the youth a voice in order to reduce widespread political apathy amongst young people.

The program will take place over a timeframe of ten years and will include activities within the EU, within the Council of Europe and worldwide. The programs will work with parliamentarians from the EU and from the world together with global youth to create a dialogue to promote youth issues through diverse initiatives at every level of society. By working with members of parliament from a local, national and international level, real change can be made.